Ep 33: The Secret To Alleviating Pain With Missy Bunch And Ryan Steenrod

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Missy Bunch and Ryan Steenrod are co-founders of the company Death of the Desk, a company that’s committed to combating the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Missy was a professional dancer who became interested in movement, health, and fitness after a knee injury that left her struggling to fund a way to relieve the pain. Ryan’s experience with working a desk job inspired him to find a healthier profession and lifestyle and encourage others to break out of the sedentary routine. Listen to the episode to hear Missy’s and Ryan’s thoughts on Z-Health, posture, breathing mechanics, and more.

Today’s topics include:

  • Z Health: what it is and how it works
  • The mission behind Death of the Desk and what it means
  • How 2-minute drills can be incorporated into your day to help alleviate the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle
  • How Missy and Ryan approach in-house workshops
  • The importance of posture in reducing pain
  • How mood affects posture
  • The role that proper breathing mechanics plays in fitness
  • How deep belly breathing can help you relax from “fight-or-flight” mode
  • The neurology of breathing mechanics
  • Tips for improving breathing mechanics
  • A demonstration of boxed breathing
  • Common pain points in the corporate world and how to deal with them
  • How movement can change hormonal profiles and mood
  • Why movement is so important for the body
  • Challenges that Missy and Ryan have faced during their careers

Links and resources:

Missy Bunch

Ryan Steenrod

Death of the Desk

Death of the Desk on YouTube


“Once I know I want something, I kind of go 150 percent in.” Missy Bunch

“We could go into any company and just talk, but let’s make that talk or that presentation as impactful as possible.” Ryan Steenrod

“What if we just close our mouths more often? You know, it sounds silly, but it’s so effective.” Missy Bunch

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