Ep 32: Why Individual Data Is Critical To Program Design With Matt Berenc

Matt Berenc is the Director of Educations for the Equinox Fitness Training Institute’s In-house education department. He’s also a writer for Equinox’s online magazine, Furthermore.

Matt has been passionate about fitness since childhood and started lifting weights at the age of ten. That passion led Matt to study fitness in college, earning a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences. From there, Matt began his career as a personal trainer and strength coach. While on the path from the beginning of his career to his current position, Matt has continued to learn and his field and increase his skills. He has amassed a variety of certifications along the way.

Today’s topics include:

  • Discussion on the importance of having a ritual
  • Matt’s memories of how his brothers inspired him to get interested in fitness at an early age
  • What Matt likes about working for Equinox
  • The Equinox philosophy, and what it means
  • Differences Matt has noticed between the things that he learned for his degree and the things that he’s learned in the field
  • The fundamentals Matt thinks that trainers need to know
  • How career progression works at Equinox
  • How Equinox decides which trainers to bring in
  • Matt’s tips for trainers on how to take theories from the classroom and apply them at the gym
  • How Matt and Equinox use FMS screening
  • The things that separate a great training program from an average training program
  • The importance of individual data when it comes to designing a training program
  • How Equinox trainers decide what classes to offer
  • How the fitness industry has changed, and how that impacts the role of a trainer
  • Common movement or mobility dysfunctions and what Matt thinks are causing them
  • Blood flow restriction training
  • The importance of readiness when you get into training
  • Why it’s important to set specific goals and focus on them narrowly
  • The importance of being aware of the targets you’re working towards and knowing the benchmarks and metrics that indicate success
  • A growth mindset: what it is and why you need it
  • Why your body needs some variety in activity for recovery
  • How meditation can help you manage stress and improve mental health
  • Why it’s important to balance your priorities
  • What are self-care practices and why they matter
  • Why it’s important to take breaks
  • How an introverted personality has been a challenge for Matt during his career

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Careers at Equinox


“Our goal is to take the work that we do and ensure it translates to what we call a high-performance lifestyle.” Matt Berenc

“The client is the expert on themselves. We’re here to be that captain of the ship, to help point them in the right direction, but ultimately we want to give them some control and really autonomy in selecting what’s best for them.” Matt Berenc

“If you don’t make any mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough. Everybody makes mistakes.” Matt Berenc


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