Ep 31: How To Hydrate 3x Faster And More Efficiently With Brandin Cohen

Brandin Cohen is the CEO and co-founder of Liquid I.V. an electrolyte product that improves the hydration capability of water when added to it. Brandin started out as a collegiate golfer who was interested in entrepreneurship. After college, he began working for the Arizona Diamondbacks and noticed that the players were drinking Pedialyte. The question of why professional baseball players would be drinking a product created for babies stuck in his mind.

Brandin was intrigued by the science of hydration and started looking into better hydration alternatives. In 2012, Brandin and his college friend Hayden Fulstone found a study by the World Health Organization that focuses on Oral Rehydration Therapy. The combination of glucose, sodium, and water provided an absorption mechanism for the body. Eventually, they founded Liquid I.V. and created a company and science based product that uses a specific ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium to deliver water and other key nutrients directly to the bloodstream. Brandin shares the story of Liquid I.V. and more in this episode.

Today’s topics include:

  • How 99% of us are everyday athletes that need to be in top form for the rest of life. Brandin and Strength Matters both have focusing on everyday athletes in common.
  • Brandin was a golfer in college, but he injured his shoulder during his senior year.
  • He also discovered that he wanted to get in the entrepreneur and business program. By the end of the year, he had won an entrepreneur of the year award for some work he did in Haiti.
  • Then he started working for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and he noticed that the players were drinking Pedialyte which is electrolytes water for babies.
  • As a business guy, Brandin was intrigued by the science of this.
  • Oral rehydration therapy and Pedialyte. Salt, sugar, and water will replenish electrolytes.
  • Your body can absorb only 20% of the water your drink, with an oral rehydration system or ORS, your body can absorb about 80% of the water you drink and three times faster.
  • NBA players and major league baseball players are using the product, and they all have different hydration routines.
  • The Washington Nationals and Capitals are doing a hydration study with the product. The early feedback is good, they should have the results in mid January.
  • The glucose or sugar in Liquid I.V. is added strictly for function. They use non-GMO cane sugar. There are specific ratio required for function.
  • Other ingredients in sport drinks can be scary.
  • Liquid I.V. wants to be the next generation healthy hydration.
  • The delivery system is more efficient. Cellular transport technology is their improved version or oral transport.
  • They are also working on other nutritional payloads that they are coming out with in 2018.
  • Hydration is important. We are composed of 80% to 90% of water. Our bodies need water. This product makes water more efficient.
  • There are also other vitamins like vitamin C and a handful of B vitamins. The vitamins in Liquid I.V. get absorbed into your bloodstream more efficiently.
  • The product has worked for ultimate marathon runners and keeping police officers hydrated. The police officers said it has changed her lives.
  • Liquid I.V. has a mission where they donate their product to underdeveloped countries that need it the most. This began in Haiti and has moved to other world wide countries and places affected by the hurricanes.
  • They are excited by their non profit work, and the more the everyday athlete can hydrate the more people around the world can, as well.
  • The company scaled rapidly in 2016 and 2017. They went from 100 stores to 100,000 stores. Now they are focusing on direct to consumer.
  • They have commercial goals and give back goals for 2018.
  • The hardest part is taking the first step. Take that leap of faith. Just go and be absolutely relentless when creating your business. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Surround yourself with people who believe in your vision.

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“When you try Liquid I.V. you can feel it. You get this hydration so much quicker into your body.” Brandin Cohen

“The sodium, glucose, and potassium create an osmotic force that allows the nutrients in water to get absorbed into the bloodstream much earlier on in the system.” Brandin Cohen

“Drinking one Liquid I.V. with water is about the same as drinking three bottles of water.” Brandin Cohen

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