Ep 21: The Benefits Of Doing 100 Push-Ups A Day With Neal Snyder

Today, I am speaking with Neal Snyder the presenter of the What’s New Coach podcast. He is a trainer and manager with over 10 years experience in the business. In this episode, he tells us about his 100 press ups or push ups a day challenge. Along with the inspiration behind it and the results he has gained from doing the challenge. We also talk about how to survive in the business as a new personal trainer, and the lessons Neal has learned both as a client and a coach.

Neal has helped manage hundreds of trainers at Equinox in New York City. He has worked with some of the top coaches in the Tier X program. He also helped develop the business and educational side of the personal trainer development program. In 2011, he was awarded the Equinox Education Award. He is currently working at Fitness Inc. where he is the senior program director. As podcasters, Neal and I have a lot in common and this is a great interview.

Today’s topics include:

  • After high school, Neal started fitness training with a semi-pro football player. They did an elite Russian chest workout and then a leg workout.
  • After his introduction to working out he was hooked.
  • He then went to college and received an engineering degree.
  • In 2007, the gym he worked out at asked him to be a trainer.
  • He moved to a better celebrity gym in New York, before moving on to Equinox in December of 2008, and he worked there for eight years.
  • He received awesome personal training and management experience.
  • He is now at the Fitness Inc. training studio, and he is learning a ton about business and coaching.
  • The What’s New Coach podcast interviews awesome trainers, and Neal enjoys getting to talk with and know these people.
  • Neal shares a little bit about his L.A.B. Fitness Consulting and a live event coming up on October 14th.
  • Neal enjoyed how Equinox spent a lot of time up front teaching their trainers about business, marketing, and sales.
  • Trainers need to have confidence, presence, and ask for the sale.
  • Asking would you like to know how much it costs is a great way to talk about money.
  • How training and selling training is about connecting with people and building relationships.
  • Lack of knowledge was Neal’s number one problem when he first started.
  • Neal’s biggest beginning mistake was starting with too much weight.
  • The value of being a generalist as opposed to being a specialist.
  • Neal now focuses on sustainability and endurance and floor work.
  • Getting up and down from the ground from different positions.
  • Neal is doing 100 push-ups or press-ups a day. He has gained ½ inch on his arms and lost ½ inch on his waist and improve shoulder mobility.
  • He puts pushups between his rest intervals during workouts.
  • Neals next challenge is going to focus on arm strength and light curls.
  • When lifting, taking your time and adding repetitions instead of adding weight is so simple to Neal now. Never underestimate the power of walking.
  • Getting up and down off the floor more helps with recovery and resilience.
  • Eat less and don’t beat yourself up and label things good or bad.
  • Eat slow and journal when you lift.

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“Trainers need to believe that what they do works.” Neal Snyder

“There is a lot to being a trainer, you are responsible for sales, admin and a host of business activities.” Neal Snyder

“Trainers need to have a sense of presence and always smile and say hello to people.” Neal Snyder


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