EP 12: The Insiders Guide To Training Like A Formula 1 Driver

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Today, I am talking with Alex Stott a strength and conditioning coach from England. Alex has a background in athletic performance competing in cross country and cricket. As a coach he has a passion for redefining limits and has coached cricket teams, rugby teams, football teams, individual players, members of the general public, and over 30 racing drivers. He is currently the coach for the 2015 Lotus F1 Reserve Driver Jolyon Palmer.

I talk with Alex about his new gym he is opening, and how he is going to train his clients the same way he trains athletes. The object for everyone is performance. They are also using periodization techniques and planning the training around the seasons because their location is in a beautiful countryside. The variety and change of scenery should help with motivation and make the workouts more fun. He also explains the entire year-long plan to prospective clients before they sign up. Enjoy the interview.

Today’s topics include:

  • Alex’s new gym and training for performance and conditioning.
  • Strength, power work, endurance, conditioning, and performance and periodizing around the weather.
  • The luxury of training outside and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Getting new clients onboard with a year-long program.
  • Explaining the year-long process helps with getting the year long commitment.
  • Doing stretching and mobility while watching TV or other ways to integrate it into the client’s lives.
  • Hotel workouts when a gym isn’t available and bodyweight exercise.
  • How physical race car driving actually is and training for racing demands.
  • Leg, core, and neck strength are very important for racing. Squats, deadlifts, etc.
  • Cardiovascular is also important to limit weight gain.
  • There is always more to learn as a coach.
  • Alex is interested in a lot of different modalities and always learning new things.
  • He is also interested in recovery and energy storage.
  • The importance of thoracic ability and opening up the chest and shoulders
  • Alex’s favorite shoulder stretch exercise.

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“Our gym uses the philosophy of training athletes, and then we apply that to the masses.” Alex Stott

“Whether you are carrying groceries into your house or competing in a race, it is still about performance.” Alex Stott

“We detail all of our philosophies and training plans to allow the clients to make an informed decision when signing up.” Alex Stott

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