EP 10: How To Get Clients Out Of Their Own Heads & Develop An Enriched Mindset In The Gym

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Today, I am talking with personal trainer, coach, and manager Michael Urso. In a previous interview I had with Michael, I discovered that he was really into changing a client’s mindset. Something that I am finding more and more important. This interview is going to be really interesting and it is one of my favorites.

Michael was a restaurant server and bartender in New York City. He made good money, but he wasn’t happy with the hours and lifestyle. He was inspired while having a conversation with a friend who mentioned that he knows more about fitness than anyone she knew. He started doing research and discovered that at the time Equinox was the top gym in the area. He attended a trainer certification class and got a job as a trainer at Equinox. Now he is in Boston and an Equinox manager.

Today’s topics include:

  • Customer service is universal and it carries over from the restaurant business to the personal training business
  • Day-to-day operations as a manager includes training clients and delivering a high level of service. They have a manager for the base of trainers and a Tier X manager. The team has about 130 clients and seven coaches they focus on MNR.
  • MNR – Movement, Nutrition, Regeneration
  • Results seen through habit based coaching include confidence and ability to make better decisions around nutrition
  • How the industry is making big moves and the younger trainers are taking the whole health focus and how it is interconnected
  • Awareness is the most important habit or skill when it comes to nutrition. It makes a huge impact on choices. This also applies to sleep.
  • Precision Nutrition level two coaching has helped Michael to slow down and listen and focus on client centered coaching
  • Before teaching clients, the coaches do the Precision Nutrition habits
  • Developing and managing coaches includes meetings and one-on-one meetings and focus on what they need
  • Michael tries to create a culture by bringing it everyday. Teaching is the best way to learn something.
  • Building a community in the gym by making introductions and putting out an email newsletter featuring a client of the month
  • Delegating to other coaches as a team leader
  • The recognition encourages people to up their games and meet their goals
  • How limiting beliefs can hold people back, how to get people out of their own heads and developing an enriched mindset
  • How his morning routine sets the tone of the entire day, he meditates for at least 10 minutes

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“As a manager, it is extremely important to create an experience for people” Michael Urso

“We focus on developing an entire lifestyle on habit based coaching” Michael Urso

“It’s no longer just training, we are coaches walking beside the client with the whole health experience” Michael Urso

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