Ep 03: The Importance Of Finance When Running A Fitness Business

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Team Moljo Strength and Conditioning is located in Putnam Valley about 50 miles north of New York City. John has been involved in fitness for about a decade. Everything he has done in the past decade has been fitness focused. John values the business side of running a gym and keeps those parts moving, so he and his team can do what they need to do to help people become and stay fit.

Today’s topics include:

  • The increased responsibility that comes with being a gym owner as opposed to being an independent trainer – and how building a solid team can really help
  • It’s about getting people to like, know, and trust you. What do you value? Can you influence people? These are qualities of good trainers.
  • The importance of finance when running a fitness business – set up financial goals and target accurately – see the end goal
  • John got his initial training clients by creating a community – referrals and human relationships need to be the bloodline of a business – bring a community together that helps people and makes fitness doable
  • The story of how John and Neal met, and how John interviewed for a job with Neal and then turned him down
  • What to look for when hiring a trainer. Do people like them? Can they communicate? Interpersonal skills and ability to connect.
  • Getting your team involved in the process and giving them positive feedback – John’s advice for client conversion – give client something they can do now as they work towards the goal – educate and provide value
  • 30 seconds worth of advice “People come first.”

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“I credit my success to my business background” John Moljo

“If I don’t know something, I find someone who does and pick their brain” John Moljo

“I am a student every day, it is one of my priorities to continue learning” John Moljo

Ep 03: The Importance Of Finance When Running A Fitness Business
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Ep 03: The Importance Of Finance When Running A Fitness Business
Today’s guest on the What's New Coach Podcast is John Moljo. Only a couple of years ago, he was an independent trainer doing sessions at other people’s gyms or homes. Today we get to hear John’s story and what he did to become successful.
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