Ep 02: How To Get Clients To Overcome Self-Doubt & Believe In Themselves

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Today our guest is Holea Bruggman, she has been a personal trainer for six years. She is originally from Minnesota, but she now lives in Arizona. Holea, pronounced Holly, is NSCA-CPT and StrongFirst Kettlebell certified. She loves to deadlift, and she loves breakfast. It is her goal as a trainer to help people instill life changing and long-lasting skills into their lives.

She is currently doing a lot of online training and breaking into in-person training hoping to have a hybrid model. Holly created a 21-day challenge that introduces a new tool each day to promote fitness and a better self image. This program has been impactful for people with body image issues. Holea used her own experiences with self-doubt to help others to overcome self-doubt and believe in themselves.

Today’s topics include:

  • Talking about self-doubt and how to make it your ally and how that worked in Holea’s Facebook challenge group.
  • External resistance that becomes internal resistance. Things on the outside can affect the internal. Changing self-image and the perception of yourself.
  • Learn about how Holea met Dave Whitley, and how it inspired her to become a trainer.
  • Holea had 43 people involved in her 21-day challenge.
  • How Holea handles discouraged clients and sets positive expectations – don’t overwhelm them – overcome mindset resistance
  • Favorite habits – look at eating – 3 to 4 core meals with no snacking – instantly wakes people up to what hunger is – people learn to change food combinations at meals with instant feedback
  • Holea’s advice for younger self, “your problems really aren’t that big”
  • Her advice for trainers who want to start a blog is to just start – the more you write the better you get
  • Doing what feels best for your body and not being in a perfect symmetrical position
  • Online movement assessments using Skype – crawling – how long can you crawl?
  • Be authentic, be real, get vulnerable with your clients, if your clients can relate to you, they will trust your methods

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“The more you should be doing something, the more resistance there will be” Holea Bruggman

“If you believe in yourself, the possibilities are endless” Holea Bruggman

“When it comes to writing, I prefer mindset related posts” Holea Bruggman

Ep 02: How To Get Clients To Overcome Self-Doubt & Believe In Themselves
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Ep 02: How To Get Clients To Overcome Self-Doubt & Believe In Themselves
Today on the What's New Coach Podcast our guest is Holea Bruggman, who has been a personal trainer for six years. We chat about how to get clients to overcome self-doubt & believe in themselves.
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Strength Matters
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