Ep 27: Firefighter Fitness And Saving Lives With Robert Piparo

Robert Piparo (Pip) is the director of 555 Fitness an organization designed to keep firefighters and emergency responders healthy. What started as a Facebook community has turned into a nationally recognized Not For Profit Organization. They are doing their part reducing the line of duty deaths attributed to cardiac related events. There motto is train hard do work.

We talk about how they are helping firefighters all over the US improve their health and endurance. They are also doing their part in getting much needed fitness equipment into the right hands. Pip became an unintentional social media celebrity, and he shares how that came about. We also address the fitness standards that the fire department should have. Along with what it is like to be a firefighter and some amazing testimonials of the work being done at 555 Fitness.

Today’s topics include:

  • Pip is a Lieutenant in the Fire department. To be a firefighter, you need to be extremely fit.
  • He started as an EMS where he was lifting and moving patients up and down the stairs.
  • Pip fell in love with fitness and then started CrossFit which combined everything he liked to do in one package.
  • Pip had been working out at the firehouse and some guys joined him. This was the early start.
  • He has always been researching fitness. He found a 555 Fitness Facebook page which was established by a firefighter.
  • Pip and the Captain who started the page became friends and Pip decided to help him, and it was their plan to raise money to get fitness equipment for firehouses.
  • They have given over $30,000 worth of equipment and have become a force for change.
  • Now firefighters, police, and emergency responders are now taking their health more seriously.
  • Pip started putting a body weight workout on Instagram everyday.
  • Firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, a flight nurse, and people from all over the country help and are part of the 555 family.
  • The tests and requirements to become a firefighter. There are volunteers and career emergency services. People in American are volunteering less because they don’t have time.
  • Career firefighters have some form of a written test and physical test. The CPAT timed obstacle test.
  • When getting hired firefighters are at their top physical shape.
  • Some states have physical training, but standards vary. Some on duty firefighters aren’t allowed to work out during duty time.
  • People in emergency services help people, but they sometimes forget about themselves. This is coupled into the epidemic of people not working out.
  • When you offer something for free everybody wants it. They have an application for their grant because they want the people getting the equipment to use it.
  • They came up with a small package of equipment, and they want to know how it will be used.
  • We call ourselves brother and sister because we are a family that lives together, works together, and shares meals together. Working out brings the family closer.
  • How health and fitness is the best drug ever. We are not only changing emergency service workers lives, we are changing their families lives.
  • How health and fitness also creates better firefighters.
  • Pip believes that their success story on social media has come from consistency.
  • The amazing community that 555 Fitness has created.
  • The importance of being competitive for motivation and to just get a little more out of fitness.
  • Be humble. Realize what you have, and you have to work to get it. Always work hard and push to be better.

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“My father was a firefighter, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps and do what he did.” Pip

“Over 50% of firefighter line of duty deaths are health related. It was really our health that was killing us.” Pip

“This is just a passion of wanting people in emergency services to take their health and wellness as seriously as we do.” Pip

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