Ep 25: The Importance Of Enjoying Healthy Food With Dr. John Berardi

It’s an honor to have Dr. John Berardi on today’s show. Dr. Berardi is the co-founder of Precision Nutrition the world’s largest online nutrition and coaching company. Precision Nutrition coach clients through their online coaching platform. They accept new clients into their program twice a year, and they have coached over 100,000 clients at this point. They work with each client for an entire year on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and recovery to develop practices to gain a better physique and health.

Precision Nutrition also certifies and trains coaches, fitness professionals, and health professionals. They also build software for the people that they certify. This enables health and fitness professionals to use systems to coach clients. They also teach professional athletes how to eat and enable them with the infrastructure to get the proper nutrition. Dr. John Berardi is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, writer, and athlete. It’s an honor to have him on the show as he shares enlightening and surprising insights.

Today’s topics include:

  • How awesome Kate Solovieva is and how she invites John for workouts and it is a bit intimidating.
  • John shares how he doesn’t have a bucket list. He is a reformed future planner. When he was 19 a mentor introduced him to self-development, but John decided it was important for him to live in the moment.
  • How John wants to focus on excellence.
  • The amount of time people spend agonizing over decisions reduces their quality of life.
  • Making yourself right with the decisions you make. Instead of getting data overwhelm.
  • The great work of chef and content marketer Jennifer Nickle on Precision Nutrition.
  • Coaches and clients both need the most help in the psychology of behavior.
  • How Precision Nutrition is an ongoing research project that keeps collecting data.
  • Finding ways to fit nutrition into people’s lives. Precision Nutrition spends time trying to figure this out.
  • Having a client-centered approach as opposed to a coach-centered approach. Client-centered approach signals empathy. It also helps to find out the clients level.
  • How asking questions helps coaches discover what level the client is actually on.
  • The importance of enjoying eating healthy food and being a coach, not a taskmaster.
  • Find the tools that the client uses to succeed in business and life and apply them to nutrition.
  • The importance of finding and fixing deficiencies and then starting slow with a progression model.
  • Diet should be the end of a logical progression of skill development.
  • Having an aspirational goal model that is broken down into the skills required to achieve that goal.
  • Eating well is a skill that requires daily practice. Layering skill on top of skill in good progression and you will get there.
  • Following a reliable method of practice to develop the skills that you want.
  • Step 1 paying better attention to eating.
  • Eating slowly for two weeks. Being slow makes your eating more intentional.
  • Eating until 80% full.
  • How eating intentionally can help us eat foods that taste good without degrading our health.
  • How different diets work for different people and what principles transcend all diets.
  • All people on effective diets pay better attention, eat fewer processed foods, and eat foods with higher nutritional value which better controls caloric intake. They also exercise.
  • How different diets can still create great health profiles. Control calories, exercise regularly, and eat unprocessed foods. Then you can pick the diet you want.
  • Transcending details and looking at the big picture of health.
  • Taller and thinner people do better with higher carb lower fat and protein. They just burn more calories.
  • O types tend to do better with fewer carbs more fat and higher protein intakes.
  • Muscular types do better with a mixed diet.
  • Most clients are already healthy before they get to a body type diet.
  • How it is okay not to know everything and take time to get back to someone and get the facts right.

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“I realized if I got too fixated on the future, I would never be living in the moment, and as a result, I would miss opportunities.” Dr John Berardi

“I would rather focus on wisdom, becoming an excellent partner, and an excellent person.” Dr. John Berardi

“We try to groom a path that is frictionless, seamless, and easy for a client.” Dr. John Berardi

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