EA 15: The Everyday Athlete’s Guide To Gut Health With Dr. Debbie Bright

Today’s guest is Dr. Debbie Bright. She is a Chiropractic Physician with a degree in Exercise Science and a Masters in Nutrition and Human Performance. She is also a kettlebell ninja who is SMK Level One qualified. She has also written a couple of great articles for the Strength Matters Magazine. Plus, she is the woman behind the Look Good Naked program which she has developed.

We talk about her Look Good Naked program and what exactly is functional medicine. Then we discuss toxins and myths about detoxes along with a discussion of hormones with a bit of stuff for the girls and a bit of stuff for the guys. We also talk about improving gut health, and how Dr. Debbie Bright has helped people from all over the world.

Today’s topics include:

  • How Debbie accidentally found her passion for nutrition and functional medicine
  • She creates 21-day challenges for the Look Good Naked program
  • Conventional medicine is symptom suppression
  • Functional medicine looks at the body as a whole
  • How all health starts in the gut.
  • Food and hydrations are a necessity for life
  • Gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, sugar, peanuts, and artificial sweeteners are things that are inflammatory
  • Finding the root cause and making the decision to stop eating it or not
  • How demanding it was to create the Look Good Naked program which includes going off of inflammatory foods and healing the gut with supplementation
  • It tells people exactly what to do and eat. There is no calorie counting and portion control.
  • Debbie shares some of the success stories of her clients.
  • Resetting the body’s hormone system through food
  • How we will see a complete shift in medicine and it is starting to happen now
  • The importance of sleep and how it is the number one thing for weight loss
  • How ghrelin is the hormone that tells us we are hungry
  • Leptin tells us that we are full.
  • Having protein, fat, and fiber with each meal and getting proper sleep.
  • Dehydration causes an inflamed gut and you can’t burn body fat.
  • Positives of being hydrated and being forced to get up and use the restroom.
  • How eggs are inflammatory because of the diet of the chickens. Eat pastured eggs.
  • After the 21-day elimination diet, reintroduce the inflammatory food one at a time and guage how you feel
  • Eating high-quality food that benefits your body.
  • Fertility benefits from the Look Good Naked program
  • Detox and pull inflammatory foods and add nutrients
  • Apples and onions release pectin which is great for the gut
  • Repairing a leaky gut so that the body can absorb nutrients from food
  • Get soy out of the diet because it causes hormone deregulation
  • Eating protein and phytonutrients from plants to increase hormone levels naturally
  • How the liver breaks down toxins and binds them for excretion
  • Eating foods to aid the body in detoxing
  • Sleep, get off of the inflammatory foods and get the right nutrients, move your body.

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“We really need to pay attention to what we are eating.” Dr. Debbie Bright

“When you get into an anti inflammatory state, the gut and the whole body heals.” Dr. Debbie Bright

“If you have a bad gut, you will have a bad thyroid and brain.” Dr. Debbie Bright

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