EA 10: Obstacle Course Racing, Epic Bucket Lists & Developing Mental Resilience With Kate Solovieva

Kate Solovieva is a blogger, nutritionist, motivational speaker, endurance race runner, lifestyle coach, and an all around amazing athlete. Today, I am lucky enough to have a conversation with her about training, online business, nutrition, racing, her epic bucket list and more. Kate was born in Siberia and immigrated to Canada when she was a teenager. She has an undergraduate and graduate degree in psychology. She has been a student, a professor, a yoga instructor, a Bootcamp instructor and she is our guest today. Kate goes by “Solo” or Kate and it is great to have her on the show.

She grew up in the capital of Siberia and it was a fairly typical Russian childhood. She lived in the Netherlands for a while and lived in three different countries. She prides herself on being able to swim and not sink. She thinks that this life experience has helped her with obstacle course racing and extreme endurance racing. It’s hard for Kate to choose her toughest race because all of the races are tough. She talks about how intense 5K races are and talks about the Spartan Death Race and more.

Today’s topics include:

  • How tough obstacle course races are
  • Boredom can be a big factor in long endurance races
  • Developing mental toughness through gradual progression
  • Kate began racing with a 5K road race and moved up from there
  • How Kate loves the idea of a bucket list and accumulated experiences
  • The more experiences she has the more she can relate to others
  • Kate has been injured for as long as 6 to 8 months
  • An injury can change the training focus and make you more creative
  • She started her bucket list in her teens and it is the longest thing she has ever worked on
  • Why Kate shaved part of her head and how it will soon be a short haircut
  • The best training for obstacle course races OCRs
  • Cardiovascular endurance trump’s muscular strength for OCRs
  • Mental toughness is also a huge component
  • Consider what obstacles you will encounter and prepare for it
  • Her current training consists of Olympic weightlifting, and preparing for the OCR world championships, and running
  • How OCRs are becoming more popular and competitive
  • She is also an online coach for Precision Nutrition
  • She works with clients for a year with nutrition and workout plans
  • Motivational Interviewing is an approach used for weight management to smoking cessation. It focuses on the client, not the coach.
  • Clients get to choose some habits, but there is a timed curriculum, and the habits build on each other
  • Feeling like a success helps people have more success
  • Making changes smaller makes them more doable

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“I need to learn to work with the body I have today, not yesterday or tomorrow.” Kate Solovieva

“When you get injured everything changes, but it pushes you in cool new ways.” Kate Solovieva

“The more challenges we go through, the more we are able to relate to other people’s challenges.” Kate Solovieva

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