EA 03: Why The Everyday Athlete Should Row With Cameron Nichol

Welcome to the Everyday Athlete podcast. In today’s episode, I speak with former Olympic rower Cameron Nichol, from Rowing WOD. We talk about the wonderful health and fitness benefits of rowing, how it might just be the missing link from people’s training regimens. How beginners and experienced athletes can benefit from rowing and integrate it into their training. Cameron believes that every human is an athlete and that every athlete should row.

Cameron Nichol started rowing in medical school. He is now a medical doctor, a two-time world silver medalist, former Olympic rower, and the founder of RowingWOD. Which is dedicated to empowering and inspiring athletes to master rowing. Cameron is now a doctor practicing in London, and he has also coached many elite CrossFit athletes. Cameron’s enthusiasm for the sport of rowing is contagious. Enjoy.

Today’s topics include:

  • When Cameron is interested in things, he gets excited about them and likes to pursue them. That is how he became interested in medical school. Then he discovered rowing and felt the same way.
  • He liked the water and trained really hard and then was invited to train for the Olympics.
  • After the Olympics, he was working out in a gym and discovered CrossFit. The rest is history as he figured out that CrossFit and rowing have similarities.
  • The toughness of training for the Olympics is the routine and the monotony of it. Train hard all day every day. It’s a huge commitment. Training and recovery are about all you can accomplish.
  • Cameron is working towards focusing on Sports Medicine as a doctor. He loves working on a team and helping people’s lives.
  • People are dying from things that can be prevented with lifestyle change. Rowing is something that humans have been doing for thousands of years.
  • It develops strength and fitness and is a valuable movement for the human body. It needs to be shared with a huge community.
  • It’s time for rowing to step up, and Cameron would like to lead the movement for the masses and make people’s lives better.
  • Rowing, when done correctly, is safer than exercises you can’t control.
  • Cameron loves running, fitness, and movement.
  • Rowing is a valuable movement because people can fall in love with it.
  • The triple extension nature of the movement crosses over into functional movement. This is a huge benefit.
  • There is a huge benefit when the movement is done correctly.
  • With RowingWOD Cameron is trying to translate the correct ways of rowing to massive amounts of people. He feels there is not enough rowing information readily available.
  • You don’t have to go on the water to call yourself a rower.
  • We have amazing bodies and we all have the capability to move and improve our bodies.
  • It is Cameron’s mission with RowingWOD to give people rowing information. Follow his programs and give it a try and get started.
  • Cameron’s 4 Coaching Principles
  • Find your own rhythm
  • Practice continuous movement
  • Celebrate success
  • Play the long game

Action Step or Takeaway

  • Challenge the 500-meter row. Participate in Cameron’s program for completing the 500-meter row challenge.

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“Being in the Olympics is like an obsession, with everyone having the common goal to win the Olympics.” Dr. Cameron Nichol

“I love adding value to other people’s life and making them better as a coach and a doctor.” Dr. Cameron Nichol

“Rowing is easy to pickup, but takes a lifetime to master.” Dr. Cameron Nichol

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