SMP 65: The Importance Of Movement Preparation With Donnie Thompson

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Donnie Thompson joins Seb and Josh today to discuss the benefits of powerlifting.

Donnie was an Arnold World Champion at the age of 40. He was a professional Arena Football player and moved into Strength Performance Therapy. For six years he worked in a gym working with orthopedic specialists doing rehab.

At the age of 46, Donnie was the first lifter to lift 3000 lbs. Since his record achievements Donnie has become a powerlifting and strength therapy coach. Today Seb and Josh talk about the importance of Donnie’s work and the powerlifting community.

“I am huge, huge ankles guy. Now I don’t want to downplay lower back and shoulders. Those are my other loves too. It’s like having kids… I love them all equally.” — Donnie

Donnie’s work focuses on the strengthening of the lower back, shoulders, and ankles. If these three areas are strong, then the chances of injury drop dramatically. The NFL has the largest rate for sprained ankles in professional sports. Donnie uses this experience to encourage smart preventive physical therapy.

Topics discussed on today’s show:

  • What is it? What does it do for your muscles and existing injuries?
  • What lower back and shoulder therapy does for your body.
  • The importance of ankle therapy.
  • Body Tempering. What is it? How is it done?
  • Donnie’s gym The Compound and the three rules.
  • Judging reform in the powerlifting community.

“The one thing that is not being addressed that would change the course of

powerlifting is judges. Judges need many more hours of training, they need to judges

that can judge any federations. Not just one federation.” — Donnie

Powerlifting is an incredibly supportive community, because the only competition is with oneself. Donnie encourages this sense of community and believes lifters should know their own limits. Donnie can be contacted through his website

Seb and Josh want to thank Greg Phearson and Amy Vicker for their videos of good technique. Also to get a certification in kettlebells there will be events on February 5th-7th at San Diego, May 15th in Boston, and July 22nd-24th in Seattle.


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