[Case Study] Training With Insomnia

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How do you deal with chronic insomnia? Sleep is vital to good health and going without it can be very damaging. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Geni Ligday and James Breese. We’ll be talking about Geni’s struggle with insomnia and how training helped her overcome it.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Geni’s background
  • Geni’s problems with insomnia
  • How much sleep Geni was averaging before she started training
  • What happened when Geni contacted James
  • How having a digital relationship with a trainer was helpful for Geni
  • Where Geni’s training went after the initial phase
  • How Geni’s sleep has changed
  • Things that Geni didn’t like about her training
  • What James learned from training Genie

Quotes From the Show:

“I was so wired and just jacked up for so long, I think I didn’t know how to operate any other way.” –Geni Ligday

“Having that distant – just that digital relationship, it’s very freeing in a way that you can just put stuff out there and not worry.” –Geni Ligday

“What I was trying to do was help give her more energy by boosting the aerobic system and building her base.” –James Breese

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