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It’s difficult to stand alone and I have, on more than one occasion, for longer than I would have liked.

To the point where I have questioned and lost faith in myself.

I chose to do this not because I just don’t like people (although friends have accused me of it in the past) but because I knew on some level that what I believed and wanted from life was not aligned with anyone that I knew or associated with at that point in time.

My destination had changed and I was travelling in a different direction.

They say that after school that you just lose touch?

That’s because everybody’s priorities change! It’s not limited leaving school.

There is no telling in life when you are going to have your own renaissance and chop away the dead wood giving you freedom to move forward for your own life goals.

That’s not to say that everybody you knew then was wrong but they just weren’t congruent to what you want from the future.
It takes courage to be different, to do your own thing, because by nature you start by being on your own humans are a pack animal and leading for that reason feels unnatural.

You also need the guts to be ridiculed, like when you are the first person that started exercising and making healthier life choices in your group of friends.

“Oh you don’t need to lose weight.”

“Why aren’t you drinking?”

“Oh check out the health nut with their chicken and avocado salad!”

All said as if “healthy” choices are insane and everyone should aspire to be a death nut?

The truth is though that by making your own choices that you have made them feel uncomfortable because they don’t fit in with your new choices, they are standing still while you are moving forward and they can sense that!

Making a change deserves more credit than most people give it.

Small habits create big victories and big victories create leaders, examples, people who will be asked how they achieved what they did rather than being asked “why?” by the naysayers.

• The person who got out of breath going up the stairs but now can run a marathon in under 4 hours….. Leader!

• The person who managed to lose over 100lbs and turn their risk of diabetes around….. Leader!


• The person who gave up smoking….. Leader!

• The elderly person who struggled to stand up but can now goblet squat with a 12kg kettlebell….. Leader!

• The person who confronts their fear of anxiety and can now speak in public….. Leader!

Anxious businesswoman character before and after public speaking training, EPS 8 vector illustration

Anxious businesswoman character before and after public speaking training, EPS 8 vector illustration

It’s not in keeping with the idea we are force fed a leader should be, somebody who says all the right things, all of the time, to all the right people, pretends they like everybody but treats them inferior and tells everybody what they should do… without doing it themselves?

(No I am not describing a politician!)
It’s far more important that leaders know where they are going because they have been there before, have been near there or at the bare minimum can consult with somebody who has (because nobody can be an expert on everything).

As a fitness professional that is our job, to lead clients somewhere that we have been before but they have not.

Treat them as equals.

Don’t make them feel inferior by talking about your max bench, showing pictures of your abs and how you’ve got so many women on the go you are spoilt for choice!

That way they will have the courage to lead others in the same direction that’s how you build a client base, believe it or not, that’s how you build a legacy and what a great legacy to have, to have guided somebody, who guided somebody, who guided somebody else and so on.


That’s the goal here at Strength Matters:

’To change the lives of a billion people one kettlebell at a time’.

Unknowingly you may have the chance to guide thousands, hundreds of thousands or who knows even millions of people just because you guided a few people with integrity!

At the very least you’re going to change a few people’s lives for the better.

The fitness industry and more importantly the world needs more people like this, people that stand for something and are honest about what that is rather than representing the latest juice shake and HIIT-Dancercise-Tabata trend!

Pretending they know everything, disappointing and adding to the confusion.
This isn’t just about the fitness industry, its life, have you been able to guide somebody through something they have never dealt with before?

Have you made personal changes and all of a sudden the people that you live with have started asking how you did x and would you mind showing them how to do x?

It could be studies, it could be navigating the grieving process, it could be learning a new skill, it could be anything that requires support in the form of guidance and not dictation.

The chances are that you have the opportunity to lead more people than you know.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be the most popular person in the world but your reputation and respect will grow if you are truly honest about what you do!

To lead is to guide, to guide is to grow and to grow you have to be strong!

Stay #AllDayStrong people!


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