Fitness Website? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ‘Google Possum’

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So Who Does Google Possum Effect? If you’re a local business: YOU!

Fitness businesses who actively market online: Read this important update on Google’s changes in 2017! As most of us know Google is constantly changing. Most updates to their algorithm are minor but Google has made a HUGE change in late 2016 – named “Google Possum.”

SEO gurus are finally able to figure out the main components of Google Possum (as it can take some time after the updates to see repercussions). Google Possum is a huge deal for both local and service area businesses and businesses that deliver goods and services to customers at their locations (Brick & mortar locations AND in-home personal trainers, etc).  It is also a very heavy change in the algorithm for Google 3-pack (or the top 3 Google Maps ranking).

Here are some main components that have been adjusted:

#1 Businesses outside of physical city limits are seeing a boost. This is great news for service-area businesses. You do not have to have a physical location in a city to rank for it!

#2 Google is now filtering more by address. This means it is filtering out duplicate listings and giving authority to main business listings. This is nothing new, as Google already doesn’t like duplicate listings, but now it is doing more “filtering” when it comes to search results.

#3 Google is trending toward giving Organic/Map results based on the actual IP address of the person searching. This trend is due to increased mobile traffic and will give even more relevant searches to the proximity of potential businesses.

#4 Google is starting to list organic rankings differently based on the “long tail” words used. For example – this means we could have a different listing for “Personal Training Charlotte” vs. “Personal Training Sessions In Charlotte”.

#5 Google is ranking their Google Maps listings more independently than organic search. Meaning, local businesses don’t have to rank well in organic Google searches to rank well in Maps.

These 5 points are the main components to Possum. Although, this change has not stabilized yet because Google is still running tests to perfect it. This stuff is complicated! If you need help navigating Internet marketing or improving your website performance- download a free “Websites 101 for Fitness Businesses” guide from our Fitness website partner 97 Display.

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